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Neustadt-Glewe is part of the district Ludwigslust-Parchim in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, about 40 minutes by car away from the provincial capital Schwerin. In about an hour you can reach Wismar and the Baltic coast. The Hotel Schloss Neustadt-Glewe is surrounded by protected landscapes and a bird reserve.

In addition to the impressive historic building of the hotel, Neustadt-Glewe offers a wider range of ancient building to visit. The Marienkirche (church St. Mary) has been built in the 14th century in the early Gothic design without a steeple. That is why the bell-ringing nowadays comes from the adjoining half-timber house before each mass. Also worth seeing in Neustadt-Glewe is the townhall at the market place. Within walking distance of the hotel in the small town of Neustadt-Glewe you will find everything you might need during your stay at the hotel: in addition to a café, a bank and a pharmacy, there are several supermarkets and a drugstore nearby.

Also nearby is the Neustädter lake which is the perfect place for a relaxed walk. Our reception team will gladly help you to organize rental bikes, canoeing on the Elde or pedal boating on the Neustädter lake. For more sporting experiences, our reception staff will help you to find a suitable running track in the immediate vicinity.

We will gladly assist you in planning your leisure time during your stay at the Hotel Schloss Neustadt-Glewe.

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